API Individual Certification Programs are designed to promote self-regulation, health and safety , improved inspection capabilities , and improved management control and environmental performance . Certified inspectors are recognized as working professionals who are fully knowledgeable of industry inspection codes , and who are performing their jobs in accordance with those requirements . API programs provide an essential springboard for inspectors to make even more valuable contributions to the safety and quality of industry operations . API’s certification programs also reflect API’s Environmental, Health and Safety Mission and Guiding Principles, which are part of API’s Bylaws.
API’s Inspector Certification Programs are based on industry-developed standards that are recognized and used with confidence worldwide . These standards have also provided a uniform platform that serves as a model for many state and government regulations . These API programs emphasize professional credibility and process integrity . They enable inspectors to play an active role in improving industry health and safety; environmental performance; ensuring compliance and self-regulation; and strengthening management control and internal inspection capabilities.
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